Expert Search Engine Optimization

Carolyn Earles | 12/20/14

Getting the word out about your website with press releases is smart business.

Bettyanne Eilers | 12/19/14

Search engine rules change constantly, so if you don't know them you could get your site banned.

Diana Patton | 12/17/14

We hope you don't fall victim to the common mistake made by beginners who put up websites and think customers automatically come to you.

Adam Woodward | 12/15/14

If you didn't put together a plan to market your business to new customers every month, you need to hire us to do search engine optimization for you.

Diane Newman | 12/14/14

You can do direct mail marketing but it will be more expensive than letting us get your website ranked.

Dave Godlewski | 12/14/14

You need to be your worst critic when it comes to studying your website's appeal.

Apha Pollard | 12/12/14

Having a lot of flash on the home page of your site is not a good idea.

Colleen Fair | 12/10/14

You can put ads on small ezines with your website address in them for advertising.

Doug Worth | 12/08/14

You want to be sure your web designer uses ALT tags on all of your pics and photos so the search engine spiders will see the text.

Beth Dominguez | 12/06/14

Advertising your business on your business cards is one way of getting traffic to your website.

Anna Lonergan | 12/05/14

We can get you in the search results so more people can see what you have to offer.

Cody Moore | 12/04/14

If you have an email list of past customers, you can send them information about your products and services.

Gail Robinson | 12/03/14

Take every possible step you can to get the most out of your search engine optimization.

Abel Brumo | 12/02/14

We can promote your keyword phrases in the search engines for you.

Chris Roundtree | 11/30/14

Check out what your competitors are doing and make sure your prices beat theirs.

Dena Gordon | 11/28/14

Getting ranked in the natural listings is the best way to bring in new customers.

Eric Morris | 11/27/14

Using our seo marketing techniques, we can get you more traffic than just a few friends can.

Becky Redlin | 11/25/14

Our staff is experienced in keyword research and article writing.

Beth Sohl | 11/25/14

Giving more information about your products can only help you make more sales.

Eric Amy | 11/24/14

Be sure your site sells your product or service in the best way possible.

Diane Richards | 11/22/14

You will find that the return on your investment when you work with our experts is higher than expected.

Gillian Pirzl | 11/21/14

When you are running a home business you need to be sure your customers can find you. Keeping in touch with current customers can help you bring in new customers.

Brittany Blankinship | 11/19/14

Thinking that your product is needed by everyone in the world is not the way to get the most from your advertising dollars.

Alan Ankney | 11/19/14

We use the best search engine optimization techniques to get your website noticed by the big three engines.

Ann Corio | 11/17/14

If you include a video about your products on your website, it may help bring you more traffic.

Carl Robinson | 11/15/14

If you want to learn how to market your business online, work with an optimization company that will help you.

Heather Cutlip | 11/13/14

For website owners with national product sales, we will do national geo targeting.

Heather Gilchrist | 11/11/14

If you have a website that is on page two or three of the search results, you will probably not be very successful.

Brian Routh | 11/11/14

We are search engine experts who can help you choose the right keyword phrases to bring more traffic to your website.

Evelynn Bodfish | 11/11/14

Doing research online will tell you what keywords your best customers are using to find your product.

Heidi Shealy | 11/10/14

When you are at the top of the search results, you will have people come and visit you on a regular basis.

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