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Carolyn Crowe | 07/08/14

Be sure to have your web address listed on your vehicle for advertising purposes.

Allison Owen | 07/07/14

If you write your website in html code that is easily read by computers, you will find it easier to get better page one rankings.

David Raimy | 07/06/14

If you choose keywords that tell about your product or service, we can get those keywords ranked high for you.

April Reyes | 07/05/14

If someone asks you to pay to link to their website, be sure you decline the offer.

Bob Henricks | 07/04/14

Finding a reputable seo consultant is not easy unless you call on our specialists.

Giovanna Caicco | 07/02/14

Anyone with experience will tell you that search engine optimization is not complete without a site map.

Alan Droege | 06/30/14

We can show you how to get more traffic and links to your site.

Brody Ojala | 06/28/14

The more people who see your website, the more customers you will have. Spiders are simply computers used to go through your site to determine how it should be rankings.

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Heather Read | 06/28/14

We are experts at bring local traffic to business owners.

Carolyn Villeagas | 06/26/14

If you have a business but don't have a website, you need to get online soon.

Jada Snider | 06/25/14

Be sure all of your website pages are working properly and you don't have 404 errors coming up.

Dale Moore | 06/23/14

Our search engine experts know how to help you beat your competition and be on the first page of search results.

Allison Keenan | 06/21/14

Internet marketing is not an exact science.

Dawn Armellino | 06/20/14

You can do direct mail marketing but it will be more expensive than letting us get your website ranked.

Adam Woodward | 06/19/14

You should talk about your product and use your top keywords in the text that you put on your home page.

Caroline Armitage | 06/17/14

Marketing your business online is one of the smartest things a business owner can do.

Cheri Smith | 06/16/14

Graphics can make your site look good, but be careful to not just have graphics on your site.

Amy Koogler | 06/15/14

Organic marketing is a better way to bring in customers. The newer your relevant content is and the more often you add it, the higher your search engine rankings for those keywords will be.

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Elsie Rodriguez | 06/14/14

If you are looking to keep visitors coming back, you might want to create a series of automated emails for customers who sign up for your mailing list.

Cathy Occhipinti | 06/12/14

Search engine rules change constantly, so if you don't know them you could get your site banned.

Adam Collins | 06/12/14

Online sales are what you need for your business to survive in this economy.

Cindy Ogren | 06/10/14

If you want to make your brick and mortar business more successful, your website can help.

Cary Bradford | 06/10/14

Your website needs to be in working order on all pages or the search engines will penalize you with bad rankings.

Alle Lozano | 06/10/14

You can't make money from your website if it's not available because your hosting company is down.

Amy Lange | 06/08/14

If your website has a great product that goes viral, you will get a lot of website traffic. Google Places is another spot for good rankings.

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Cory Johnson | 06/06/14

Using us to help with optimization can make the difference of whether your business website is seen or not by prospective customers.

David Pitre | 06/06/14

Search engines are constantly changing what they want to see in websites so you need to work with a company that stays up on the changes.

Hope Hough | 06/06/14

Print advertising is taking a back seat to internet advertising.

Brandon Cox | 06/06/14

Having good quality information on your website will help when we do your search engine optimization.

Dana Cook | 06/06/14

Getting in the top 10 of the search results is important to your success.

Christopher Smedley | 06/06/14

It is important to check out your seo company and make sure they are using only white hat techniques.

Heidi Martin | 06/06/14

If you have a site that nobody sees, no sales can take place.

Christopher Long | 06/05/14

Keep in mind that any money you spend on your business, including seo charges, are tax deductible.

Diane Mayfield | 06/04/14

Adding flash to your site can increase bandwidth, making your page load slower and affecting your search results.

Angelique Mcqueary | 06/04/14

When you hire our expert seo team, you will gain more profits than you'll have to pay in monthly fees.

Irene Ramirez | 06/04/14

Linking your website to those of your customers is a good idea, as long as they are in good standing.

Constance Flaherty | 06/04/14

A simple website is much better for ranking purposes than a website with flash.

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